Chipcrete Floor Experiment

A section of my 2000 square foot floor.

This experiment is in search of an affordable floor.  At 2000 sq/ft, a 4 inch thick floor is about 25 yards, 3  truckloads of concrete, about $3K in concrete, delivered.

A week rental on a concrete sander prices out at about $1000.

So – the hard DIY price on a sanded concrete floor is $4k.  Since I have a mountain full of dead wood – maybe I can find a cheaper solution… Continue reading Chipcrete Floor Experiment

Eco Finance Guide

Goal.  A basic guide of how to develop a finance-worthy structure.  This matters because if you ever need to sell your house, you will have a much bigger audience if people can borrow money to buy it.


  • Earthship is an un-financeable because bankers perceive it’s made of trash
  • Features that make a premium design
  • The economics of simplicity
  • After it’s built – how much it cost to build doesn’t matter