Innovation Party

The goal here is to start the process of promoting the next level in best practice building.  

The goal of this site is to merge of ecology and style.

Historically “green” living has emphasized environmental harmony over – occupant comfort.  This model takes both to a new level.

Here is the laundry list innovation candidates innovations available  to develop:

Greenhouse Concept

  • Advanced greenhouse (in addition to Earthship Advances)
    • Tree Tall
    • Designed to best practice growing environment (Brix & soil chemistry)
    • Ultra Water Wise
    • Aero-sound grey water planter
    • Loft Growing Racks
    • Thermally controlled
      • in & out fans
      • Evaporative cooling

    Living Space Model

    Open Living Space

    • Great Room Concept
    • Built around social center (the kitchen) – where does everyone really hang out in a party?
    • Privacy zones – bedrooms & bathrooms
    • Natural light galore

Grid Optional Living

Heating & Refrigeration

Designed for comfort without electricity or fuel

Ultra comfort with modest electricity & fuel

Automated living (thermally stable regardless of weather) – no freeze

Ultra Efficiency

Water economy

Multiple reuse

Best Practice Building


2 thoughts on “Innovation Party”

  1. I am the older woman you met on the shuttle from Denver airport. You talked about your home and gave me your business card. I have read your website and find it totally interesting. I live in Southern California and you have inspired me to seek ways to improve water use and possibly consider solar panels. Keep up the good work!!

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