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  1. I was Urban Conversion episode and was wondering where to buy a energy bay window mention. I remember the window was purchased somewhere in Europe. I hope you can help me with this information.


    1. The windows in the episode were triple pane. The most recent innovation is to pull a vacuum between the panes. This creates a very high insulation value.

      I rejected the “high tech” windows because the coatings were designed to reject/reflect solar energy – which would have prevented a large percentage of passive absorption.

      In our house I used two sets of double panes separated by 15 ft of greenhouse. They were a standard size of patio glass that I purchased in bulk from a domestic supplier. I engineered the house so that the south wall would accommodate their dimensions of 42 x 64 inches. The truckload of less expensive windows came to about $15K for 70 units. The same $15K would have bought 3-5 of the triple pane jobs.

      The stacked double works very well. It’s 1 week before Christmas and we haven’t had to build a fire yet to keep the temperature above 65. Right now it’s 70 degrees inside and 20 outside.

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